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SPEDICA GROUP COMPANIES, as a key member of the EP Logistics International group, operates on a national and international level in the provision of comprehensive forwarding and transport services.

We specialize in sea, air, rail, road and combined transportation.

We focus on integrated solutions that effectively meet a client’s needs in the area of transport and logistics. Our flexibility and continuous innovation allow us to optimize our logistics processes and keep up with the latest industry trends.

Turnkey logistics services

We provide our clients with free advice and consultation services 24/7. You can get in touch with our team of experienced professionals at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us.

In the logistics centres of our contractual partners, we attend to all standard and special requirements of our clients regarding the transportation and distribution of goods. We take care of transshipment, goods storage, packaging, distribution and registration of goods, neutralization of documents, as well as customs clearance or inspection activities through reputable companies (SGS, BUREAU VERITAS CZECH REPUBLIC, etc).

Intercontinental maritime transportation

Water transport plays a key role in intercontinental cargo transport and can actively respond to the current needs of global logistics.

  • Full Container Load (FCL) transportation to and from all seaports worldwide, including standard and special containers.
  • Less than a Container Load (LCL) transportation in collecting containers.
  • Transportation of heavy, oversized shipments and investment units.
  • Safe transport of hazardous materials and goods that need special handling.

Our experts take care of the comprehensive solution, including issuing transport documents and provision of complete transport insurance. We systematically strive for competitive prices, a high standard of services and our clients’ maximal satisfaction.

Flexible road transportation

We provide both international and domestic transport of less-than-truckload, small-truckload and full-truckload shipments via our network of foreign partners.

  • International and domestic transport of full truckload shipments with a focus on European countries
  • International and domestic parcel transportation
  • Transport in tipper or cistern trailers
  • Transport of agricultural commodities – GMP Certification
  • Collection and distribution of shipments in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Transport insurance

Our complete service includes cooperation with a wide range of transporters that brings us vehicles with a load capacity from 1 to 24 tons. They can provide transport of both standard and special goods. Our main goal is to deliver your shipments reliably and on time.

Conventional rail transportation

Transportation of goods by rail is becoming an increasingly important segment in logistics, not only in terms of sustainability and price. Especially when transporting bulk or liquid substrates, or the distribution of goods over longer distances, there is no better way than by rail.

In the area of rail transportation, we provide comprehensive solutions for all operational processes and related services covering the territory of Europe and Eurasia.

  • Favourable price conditions for transport within the Czech Republic, European ports and the Middle East
  • Optimization of the economy and transit time of transports by utilizing all European and Eurasian system products
  • Favourable price conditions for transports to/from the CIS countries and selected Asian countries
  • Comprehensive implementation of your transport plan in cooperation with our partner railway and forwarding companies
  • Indicative offer and consultancy, including arrangement of oversized-shipment transportation
  • Transhipment, transfer of goods, change of chassis when being transferred from European to broad gauge and vice versa
  • Change of transport mode CIM-SMGS-CIM
  • Reshipping, transport insurance, customs services, warehousing, rail-road-water transport combinations to achieve a door-to-door effect, and other services at the customer’s request

Our services also include the logistic proposal of transportation, forwarding of shipments, shipment tracking throughout the transportation period, selection and provision of a suitable railway wagon for loading, or quotation and consultancy, including provision of transport of oversized shipments. Our employees’ long-term experience is the guarantee of favourable prices and high quality service to meet your transport requirements.

Operation of rail transport

RM LINES, a joint-stock company – a member of the SPEDICA group – is licensed to operate rail transport in the Czech rail network by decision of the Czech Rail Authority and in accordance with Act No. 266/1994 Coll. on Railways, as amended. In the field of rail freight transport, it offers

  • Favourable price conditions for the transport of goods on block trains in the Czech Republic
  • Handling of railcars on the sidings of the shipper or recipient
  • Provision of transport services within the Czech Republic railway network during the implementation of international transport of goods in cooperation with foreign and domestic railway transporters
  • Flexible dealings

The liberalization of the rail freight market has given customers more choices. Thanks to this, RM LINES, a.s. can also be your railway transporter.

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Headquarters: Jednoty 1931, CZ-356 01 Sokolov
Registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Pilsen, Section C, File 20116

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Company registration number: 28039718
TAX ID: CZ28039718
Headquarters: Jednoty 1931, CZ-356 01 Sokolov
Registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Pilsen, Section C, File 22357

Pilsen office

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Sokolov office

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Company registration number: 272 74 489
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Registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Pilsen, Section B, File 1641

Company Operation:

Novobranská 269/20, Litoměřice, PSČ CZ – 412 01

Company registration number: 483 60 295
TAX ID: CZ48360295
Headquarters: Jednoty 1931, CZ-356 01 Sokolov
Registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Pilsen, Section C, File 15266

Pilsen office

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